Morning routines have become a trending hashtag, but you’re in for a treat when you witness the adorable morning routine of a tiny pup on her third day in her new home.

This heartwarming video will undoubtedly make you wish you had a puppy of your own.

 The charming story unfolds on the TikTok account @katerina_finck, where a two-and-a-half-hour slice of the pup’s life is captured after waking up.


@beanieandkaterina Beanies 2nd morning home🦴🐾 let us know what you want to see next! We are showing night routine tonight! 💤🐶 #newpuppyintro #newpuppyvibes #Puppyprepping #newpuppy #dogsoftiktok #teacupgoldendoodle #doodles #puppy #puppiesoftiktok #puppysfirstmorning ♬ Sixty Second Commercial 1 by Michael Reynolds – malcolm

That puppy is just too cute!

Bringing a new puppy into your life can be challenging, but there are effective ways to ease the learning curve. These techniques include positive reinforcement, consistency, and crate training.

Positive reinforcement involves rewarding good behavior with treats, praise, or toys, creating a positive learning experience for your furry friend.

Consistency is vital, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a routine, commands, and expectations. Additionally, crate training provides a secure and comfortable space for your dog, aiding in housebreaking and reducing anxiety.

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