In the charming town of South Shields, an extraordinary furry friend has become a local celebrity, capturing the hearts of everyone he meets.

Sherman, an adorable Newfoundland pup, is breaking all size records, weighing in at a staggering 11 stone (154 pounds) at just 18 months old.

Despite his colossal size and being almost 6 feet tall when on his hind legs, Sherman has no idea how enormous he is, and his favorite pastime is snuggling up on his owners’ laps.

The proud parents of this gentle giant, police officer Elliott, and police admin worker Beverley Richardson, welcomed Sherman into their home in February 2022 after bringing him from a Polish breeder.

Little did they know that their lovable puppy would grow into an impressive giant. But the Richardsons wouldn’t have it any other way; they adore Sherman and are ready to embrace his size and quirky habits.


One look at Sherman, and it’s clear why he’s a local sensation. With his adorable face and friendly disposition, he attracts attention wherever he goes. Whether he’s posing for adorable photos in giant slogan bibs or trying to sneak a treat from people’s plates at coffee shops, Sherman never fails to bring smiles to people’s faces.

“He likes to sit on you because he thinks he’s a lap dog. He doesn’t realize his own size and he’s just started getting really stubborn,” Elliott says with a chuckle. “He’s a massive sweetheart. He’s lovely, he loves everybody and everything.”

Sherman’s appetite is as colossal as he is. He devours $154 worth of food every month and can’t resist eyeing up treats on people’s plates when out and about. To prevent any mishaps and keep Sherman’s manners in check, Elliott has resorted to putting a bib on him to manage his drooling.

But being the parent of such a giant pet comes with its challenges and expenses. The Richardsons spend around $6,500 a year on Sherman’s care, including food, grooming, and insurance.

Additionally, they recently had to replace their vacuum cleaner, which couldn’t handle Sherman’s voluminous hair.

However, Elliott believes Sherman is worth every penny: “Sherman costs a lot of money, all giant breeds do, but he’s my best friend, so he’s worth every penny.”

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