Everybody knows that Saint Bernards are very big dogs, but you don’t realize just how big they are until you actually meet one!

Big Mac is a huge Saint Bernard who has no sense of personal space and gently asks his dad to pay attention to him. His mom @Joanne posted a video of the exchange between the two in mid-October, and it was just too cute!

Mac is in the living room with his dad, who’s trying to watch TV. Mac is sitting next to him, staring him down. When dad doesn’t acknowledge him, he moves over to mom on the other couch. He puts his paw up like he’s demanding her attention. When that doesn’t work, it’s back over to dad and he just stands in front of him and sets his head directly on dad’s shoulder!

Big Mac has that name for a reason…he’s huge! We were fully expecting the Saint Bernard to hop up on the couch and into dad’s lap It seems like all big dogs do!


@joannenurse84 No personal space when you have a House Horse living with you #saintbernardlovers #saintbernard #househorse #dogsoftiktok #huge ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

We are sure that Big Mac gets plenty of attention and is spoiled rotten. But we are glad that they shared this with all of us…he’s just a big ol’ baby!

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