A sheep that wandered away from its home five years ago was rescued from a Victoria, Australia, reservoir area by a team of volunteers — and received a long-overdue shearing.

Melbourne Water said in a Facebook post that the sheep, named Sugar, was lost in Sugarloaf Reservoir Park before being rescued in an operation led by Georgia Duncan, Melbourne Water’s water supply operator.

Melbourne Water said Sugar had been in the park for at least six months.

Duncan was accompanied by volunteers from Vets for Compassion and Forever Friends Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

The sheep “underwent a professional shearing to remove the excessive wool growth he has experienced during his time in the reservoir,” Melbourne Water said.

The Forever Friends Animal Sanctuary said Sugar had wandered away from his home about five years ago and had recently been living with a mob of kangaroos.


“It seems like his kangaroo friends took good care of him, and Sugar will soon get to spend the rest of his days with Georgia,” the sanctuary said.

Sugar was taken to a new temporary home at the Forever Friends Animal Sanctuary and will eventually live out the rest of his days in Duncan’s care.

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