A truck driver saved an abandoned puppy found with a zip tie around its neck from an interstate in Arizona. 

The puppy was discovered next to an Interstate 10 exit ramp in Benson, Arizona, on Oct. 20, the Arizona Department of Public Safety stated in a Facebook post.

According to the agency, the truck driver stopped after seeing the abandoned puppy and “removed the zip tie,” which was “secured tightly around her throat,” before supplying the pooch with water.  

The driver watched over the puppy until a state trooper arrived.

Truck Driver Saves Puppy Left Zip-Tied and Abandoned on Freeway
The puppy was found with a zip tie “secured tightly around her neck” on Oct. 20.

Trooper Iliana Magallanes responded to the incident and found the puppy with a “swollen throat and bloodshot eyes.”

Though the pup had been left behind in cruel circumstances, she was in a surprisingly friendly mood after her discovery, the Arizona Department of Public Safety shared.

The puppy was kept warm with a blanket and looked after by Trooper Magallanes before being placed at the Benson Animal Shelter.

Following a medical checkup and treatment, the puppy is “doing remarkably well” and is now in a foster home waiting to be adopted, the Arizona Department of Public Safety added.

“Great work by everyone who came together to help this pup!” the department concluded its post. “Thank you to the truck driver who stopped to save her and to Benson Animal Shelter, Paws and Claws, for ensuring she gets healthy and finds a good home.”

The puppy’s discovery comes days after a Virginia animal shelter raised concern over two dogs left at the same dumpster on separate occasions this year.

In July, Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) shared in a Facebook post that a dog was found abandoned at a dumpster of an apartment complex. Months later, this October, the agency noted that a 4-month-old pit bull was found at the same location

“This is the second time we’ve found a dog in this exact location and situation. What is HAPPENING?!?” RACC wrote in its social media post alongside photographs of the puppy left behind in October.

“Help us FIND the person(s) responsible for abandoning their dog like trash,” the shelter added.

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