This is what we don’t want to see. No child should be put in harm’s way because of carelessness, yet it seems to happen time and time again.

Wild animals need be treated as wild animals. These creatures are out there fighting off the whole world, don’t think for a second they won’t hurt a child.

Sea Lions are no different: As cute and cuddly as they may seem they are wild animals.

They can grow to be huge and eat a ton of fish. They are fast predators that use their bite to feed themselves daily.

Getting close to one on land is a mistake: They can move quick and if they get ahold of you, it could be dangerous. Like all wild animals they can get scared and react with violence.

A small child is seen trying to get on the back of a sea lion much larger than her. The sea lion immediately gets mad and turns to bite towards the girl but thankfully she falls out of reach as a man also comes to grab her.

That was too close.


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