When this observant motorcyclist noticed an adorable baby kangaroo seemingly stranded in the Outback of Australia, he knew this creature needed to be rescued. He hopped into action!

The baby kangaroo quickly took a liking to the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist had no problem catching and holding the kangaroo as he formulated a plan.

Stranded by their mother, this kangaroo was incredibly disoriented. Accordingly, it’s not common for kangaroos this young to be out of their mother’s care.

This little creature didn’t have the tools to navigate the Outback safely. The motorcyclist was able to offer care and warmth, which the kangaroo quickly took a liking to.

Oh, and he gave the kangaroo a name: Skippy!

Once Skippy was comfortable, the motorcyclist was able to take them for the ride of their life! The kangaroo and motorcyclist traveled to a nearby shelter.

At the shelter, the team brought Skippy the kangaroo back to good health. Once Skippy was healthy, the shelter released them back into the wild.

What a beautiful testimony of the power of being observant and kind. While this motorcyclist had no plan to rescue an animal today, his care and generosity allowed Skippy to become healthy.

This adorable baby kangaroo rescue is one of the most beautiful stories of this week!


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