There are so many reasons to feel inspired by our four-legged friends.

Animals can be so resilient and positive despite living through unimaginable challenges–just look at all the amazing rescue stories you hear about online!

A little bit of love and dedication can go a long way in helping a pet live their best life, but the rest of the transformation is up to them. 

That’s why we were so impressed when we first heard about Jessica and her beautiful blind dog, Meisha. The sweet Chow Chow dog lost her eyes due to glaucoma in early October, but now she’s recovering well and is in much less pain.

Less than a month after her surgery, she returned to doggie day care to visit with her friends and lift her spirits (with Mom’s supervision, of course). She may not be used to her new normal yet, but this brave dog is doing amazingly!


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Aww, Meisha! It must’ve been so uplifting to visit all the familiar smells and sounds of her daycare. It’s such a happy place filled with all of her canine friends!

Even if it will take a few visits for her to feel more confident around other dogs without her vision, this was a fantastic first trip back. 

As @meishatheprettygirl’s mom confirmed, it was such a “happy day!”

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