It’s quite common for puppies to be full of energy one moment and then suddenly drift off to sleep in the most unexpected places or during activities like feeding.

@labs_life2 captured such a moment of pure bliss in a video posted on October 30 of her Labrador puppy girl who was just too tired to eat.

This is just too cute!


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She was so sleepy, she forgot to eat and just rested her eyes for a little bit.

Since puppies have lots of energy and need regular play and exercise to stay healthy and happy, it’s not unusual for them to get tired very suddenly and fall asleep wherever they happen to be, even if it’s in the middle of a meal, as their bodies are adjusting to the world around them.

That being said, puppies sleep a lot!

They need plenty of rest to support their rapid growth. However, their sleep patterns might be sporadic and irregular, with short bursts of high energy followed by long naps.

Not only are puppies incredibly cute but also a joy to be around, especially Labrador and Golden Retriever pups, as they just look a little dopey.

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