One tiny dog’s excitement after finally being adopted is going viral. Elvis can be seen in the video, ecstatic to finally be going home with his new humans.

At the beginning of the video, posted by the TikTok account @adoptingdogs, Elvis waits in a pen. An orange sticker that shows he has been adopted is viable on the outside of the enclosure. Soon, Elvis is leashed and can be seen walking towards a set of doors.

The tiny dog’s reaction to what is on the other side is priceless. He walks through the doors and immediately sprints towards his new family.

Elvis leaps up excitedly to kiss and snuggle with them. The video ends with a snapshot of the pup walking to the car with his new humans. The video’s caption reads: “Elvis said this is my new family!”



Elvis said this is my new family!

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Comments on the video wish Elvis luck in his new home. One viewer wrote, “Elvis, have the bestest life ever with the people you already love.”

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