Baby animals are all just too cute, and most people could watch videos of them all day while daydreaming about holding and playing with them.

@Moksha works at the Myrtle Beach Safari and is lucky enough to play and care for animals for a living.

She shared this video in October of a baby chimpanzee playing in a bouncing chair, and I can’t get enough of it!

The tiny chimp looks just like a human toddler in a bouncing chair, complete with her holding her blankie.

She watches as mom shows her all the little toys on the chair, you can tell she’s curious about them all.

Turn up your sound and watch till the very end because you don’t want to miss her cute little noises she makes!


She likes her Bouncer Jumperoo Activity Center ❤️‼️

♬ original sound – Moksha

Oh goodness! That little smile and her happiness totally made our day!

She’s just like a toddler and we want to see more of her playing.

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