In this viral video that has taken the internet by storm, we witness a thrilling incident at the Delhi Zoo as a hippo manages to escape its enclosure.

The dramatic footage captures the moment a security guard takes swift action to return the wayward hippo to its habitat safely. 

This remarkable event raises questions about the nature of hippos and the challenges of keeping animals in zoos. 


Are Zoos Good or Bad?

Zoos offer several advantages, including their pivotal role in conservation efforts, the educational opportunities they provide, their contribution to scientific research, and their capacity to engage the public in wildlife conservation.

They also conduct breeding programs for endangered species, helping to maintain genetic diversity and prevent extinctions. 

However, zoos have their disadvantages. Space limitations in many facilities can lead to restricted living conditions, potentially causing stress and health issues for the animals. Ethical concerns surrounding captivity and animal welfare continue to be a point of contention, as some view it as an infringement on the natural freedom and well-being of animals. 

Furthermore, there are ongoing debates about the effectiveness of zoos in conservation, with some arguing that resources could be better allocated to protecting animals in their natural habitats. The occasional zoo incidents, such as animal escapes, pose risks to animals and the visiting public, necessitating increased safety measures.

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