An Iowa family is relieved after being reunited with their dog, Molly, who went missing for five months.

On June 15, Molly’s parents, Randy and Cynthia Ruth, brought the golden retriever to Spitfire Farm in Anita for an appointment with groomer Rose Shoemaker. Molly — who was microchipped but not wearing a collar — decided to exit the grooming session early, escaping through an open door and into the tall corn surrounding the farm.

“Molly jumped off my grooming table and ran out the door into farmland where the corn had just started to get quite tall. She was seen several times for the first couple of months, and lots and lots of effort was put forth to find her. However, no one could catch her,” Shoemaker explains of the canine’s disappearance.

Farmer Finds Dog Molly Missing For Five Months
Molly the golden retriever after her rescue.

Spitfire Farm employees tried luring Molly in with toys, treats, and members of her family, but she still couldn’t be captured. According to Shoemaker, the “small, supportive community” of Anita helped the farm and the dog’s owners scour the area.

The farm kept the searchers posted on Molly the dog sightings through social media, and eventually, “with the help of so many different people looking and keeping eyes open,” the canine’s luck changed.

Nearly five months after disappearing, farmers found and captured the lost pet. Per local news station KCCI, the farmers stumbled upon Molly in a field on Sunday, Oct. 29. The lucky locaters quickly alerted the pooch’s family, who were surprised and delighted.

“He said she’s alive. He said she stood up as he came through the field with the combine,” Randy told KCCI.

Farmer Finds Dog Molly Missing For Five Months
Molly the golden retriever.

Molly lost close to 40 pounds while away from home, so she required some medical attention but is recovering nicely.

Shoemaker is ecstatic and relieved to have Molly back with her family as well.

“Lots of happy tears were shed by me for sure,” she says.

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