When puppies were left to dodge traffic on a rushing street in Serbia, this man sprung into action quickly.

After seeing footage of the abandoned pups, this man drove to the road they were left on and began his search.

He wasn’t sure, at first, how many puppies were stranded roadside. However, the dogs stayed in close proximity to one another, so it didn’t take him long to locate them all.

There were four puppies in total. This man scooped them up into his arms and took them home to be in safe care. Eventually, he connected the puppies with the dog rescue shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, and the dogs were able to find furrever homes!

Folks in the comments were astonished at the situation.

“What a special guy!!! Thank you, sir, for being a knight in shining armor for these sweethearts!!!” commented another.

This man’s gesture is proof that kindness can go a long way. These puppies get to have a warm, cozy future because of his willingness to help.


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