When two New York Police Department officers received reports that a dog was in distress at a Queens park, they leaped into action. Their quick response likely saved the blind senior dog.

The Border Collie, named Sparky, had become lost after losing track of his human while at the park. The dog found himself stuck in the reeds at the edge of a cold pond. In body camera footage shared to the NYPD’s social media accounts, Sparky can be heard whimpering in distress.

After locating the Border Collie, the police officers waded into the pond to retrieve him. One officer can be seen approaching the dog and carefully pulling him from the reeds where he had become entangled.

The officers then carried the dog to their car, where he was covered with a jacket in an attempt to warm him up after his ordeal. Sparky was then transported to an emergency veterinarian, where he received medical attention and was reunited with his human.

Thankfully, the Border Collie is recovering from the ordeal.


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