Walter the bunny is just another one of the dogs as far as he’s concerned. This rabbit blends right in with the pups at his mom’s at-home doggie day care.

He has four paws and a fluffy tail, so the other dogs don’t seem to mind. In a video, the fluffy bunny sits in the living room with the other dogs, seeming to conspire something. He would definitely be the brains behind any kind of trickery at the doggie day care.


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Walter never feels as if he’s in harm’s way at the doggie daycare, which is great because rabbits can get sick if they are stressed out too much, but Walter is surely at tip top health.

He gets a lot more exercise than your average bunny, too. Most rabbits spend their day in cages, but not this bun!

All of these dogs must be really well trained to be able to spend all day around a bunny. As mentioned, rabbits are prey animals, and dogs are considered predators.

This relationship isn’t usually something you’d see in nature, but this is a special case!

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