When getting to know the temperaments of different animals, it’s important not to let stereotypes get in the way.

Many prospective animal owners disregard certain breeds or species because of untrue stereotypes, and they may miss out on a life-changing relationship. That’s why it’s so important to do your own research! 

Many animal species, like the emu, are labeled ‘unfriendly’ because of their large sizes or scary appearances. Truthfully, these birds are incredibly curious and smart!

One Floridian farmer has been using TikTok to spread awareness about her emus’ sweet and sassy personalities, and it’s changed the way many people see them.

In a November 5 video, hobby farmer Taylor sat down in the middle of the pasture to see which of her animals approached her first. And guess who made himself comfortable on her lap for a cuddle?


@knucklebumpfarms Sitting down in the pasture to see which animal approaches me first 👀 #etl #emmanueltheemu #emmanueltoddlopez ♬ original sound – Knuckle Bump Farms

OMG, how precious! This sweet bird, whose full name is Emmanuel Todd Lopez, has starred in many viral TikToks from @knucklebumpfarms before, but he’s never shown off this tender, sensitive side before!

Taylor, on the other hand, doesn’t seem surprised to see her birdie bestie sitting on her lap. After all, the animal rescuer has bonded very closely with Emmanuel and even nursed him back to health when he was extremely sick.

The truth is, though, not all farm emus are as loving and kind as Emmanuel. In the wild, these large birds are solitary creatures, though they often flock together when searching for food.

Emus tend not to mind being the only one around, though we have no doubt that this extroverted bird steals the spotlight wherever he goes. With a personality that big, how could you not?

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