An alligator keeper demonstrated just how easy it is for them to turn on him in a video that has surprised many—but that doesn’t mean he can’t control him.

Floridian Chris Gillette is a wildlife biologist and photographer who has over 5 million followers on social media.

Gillette, who goes by the name @gatorboys_chris online, provides underwater tours to the public in Florida. The “star of the show” is an “extremely calm” alligator named Casper, who he’s worked with since 2007.

Despite the pair having a 16-year history, Casper does not love him, he said in a popular video, before going on to prove exactly that. In a video with over 9 million views on Instagram, Gillette showed how long it took for Caspar to attempt to bite him—and it didn’t take long at all.


How quickly an alligator can turn on its keeper

Although at first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that love between Gillette and Caspar isn’t a one-way street, Gillette is more than happy to prove exactly how untrue that is.

“Hi Caspar, hi big guy,” he said in a rhythmic tone, before even touching noses with the reptile. “When people see that happen, they’re like ‘oh my god he loves you so much’,” said Gillete. 

“I’m here to tell you, he does not. I’m here to ruin the fantasy. This is not a Disney movie. I love him, he does not love me and he he would kill and eat me if I let him”

To demonstrate his point, Gillette bravely dipped his finger into the water next to the gator’s head, and immediately the gator snapped at the finger. “Did you see how fast that was? That’s how you lose a limb,” he said.

“If I wasn’t quick and didn’t know what I was doing, he would have ripped of my hand.”

Gilette says the secret is having skills to know how to handle the alligator, rather than Caspar “magically” loving him. 

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