If you’re having one of those days and need a feel-good story to bring a smile to your face, this video that @erica_ciardullo shared on Instagram in mid-October is it!

Erica explains that her son rescued a baby goat from a livestock auction 8 months ago, and that their livestock guardian dogs made him one of their own.

Erica’s son actually rescued two baby goats from that auction, but one of them didn’t make it. They named the boy Francis, and while he had severe hypothermia, with a lot of love and care he was strong enough to pull through.

Since day one, Erica’s dogs have been taking care of him, and their bonds are just beautiful!


There is so much trust, patience, and love between the livestock guardian dogs and the goat. Francis doesn’t look like a baby anymore, but you can tell that the dogs still protect and watch over him.

We love this heartwarming story!

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