Military deployment welcome-home celebrations are always special. A deployment can be short or long, depending on the unit, service branch, and other assignment details. When a soldier is deployed, the separation can be difficult for family members.

The welcome-home celebrations can be overwhelming, especially for furry family members. When a dog is reunited with a soldier, the results can be incredibly heartwarming.

After this soldier was on deployment for eight months, her dog initially hesitated to welcome his Mom home. When she first called Murphy, he came running around a vehicle expectantly. He ran up to within a couple of feet as she knelt on the ground to enjoy some puppy love.

Murphy went from tail wagging to tail tucked and ran off briefly to consider things. Thinking that it might be the hat confusing Murphy, his Mom removed the hat and tossed it aside. Murphy let out a few hesitant barks and was still unsure about the situation.

It took some coaxing, but Murphy eventually realized who it was before him. He crawled up for some cuddles, and then the tail started wagging. Once he realized he knew his Mom, he was all over her with hugs and puppy kisses and some jumpy zoomies.

@pubity Doggo started moving in 10x speed 😂😂😂 #Pubity (Janna Berger via @ViralHog ♬ original sound – Pubity

This video serves to remind us that separation is difficult for our family. Whether they are human or furballs, being away from our loved ones is hard! Watch Murphy’s reaction when he welcomes his mom home from deployment.

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